Simply Sustainable llc was founded with the express mission to provide the most environmentally friendly and healthiest products available to Owners, Occupants, Contractors, and Design Teams. People spend 90% of their time in buildings according to the EPA. We are only just now starting to realize the tremendous impact these indoor environments have on our health and productivity. While we have come to expect ingredient labeling on the food we put in our bodies, we have not had the luxury of knowing exactly what is in our building products that we surround ourselves with regularly. There are approximately 40,000 unregulated chemicals in building materials that are suspected carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, damaging to our nervous system and respiratory contaminants.

At Simply Sustainable llc we have taken the time to scrutinize and research all of the products that we offer to ensure they are among the most environmentally friendly and healthy materials available. We seek to eliminate formaldehyde, chlorines and VOCs from our product offerings, three of the most prevalent and toxic families of chemicals present in many building materials typically.

With the myriad of rating systems, third party certifications, and conflicting information out there, it can be hard to chose the most sustainable products for your project. Our business is dedicated to just that. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you create projects that are environmentally friendly while providing the healthiest indoor environment for the people in the building.

Meet our Founder & President

Lia Nielsen holds an undergraduate degree in Business from Boston University and was formally trained in Green Construction Management at the University of Florida's master’s program. After her formal training and nearly a decade in the construction and green building field, Lia has come to specialize in green construction management & green products. In addition to being a LEED™ Green Associate she is also a G-Pro certified instructor and regularly delivers educational seminars on green products. Lia is also a founding member of the Green Building Center, with locations in New Jersey and New York, running the day to day operations of the New Jersey Branch and managing the product showrooms in both locations. Lia has worked on several LEED™ certified projects, assisting in collecting, reviewing, and ensuring credits and material data were submitted  completely and in a timely manner. Her sense of style and eye for color has allowed her to assist clients in sorting through the many options available and choosing the greenest and most appropriate materials, finishes, and patterns for their project.